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Orca Alpha Male





"One, Ein, Un, Ichiban – which ever language you speak, the Orca Alpha is simply number one. The new generation Orca Alpha offers a wetsuit swim like you’ve never experienced before. The Alpha’s design has been refined and re-engineered in conjunction with the world’s best triathletes, including double Ironman champions Chris McCormack and Craig Alexander and double ITU world champion Emma Moffatt, to provide even greater levels of performance. Having introduced the open water swimming world to the superior buoyancy of Aerodome, Orca has once again raised the bar with the new Exocel Buoyancy System. Exocel is an innovative new material that is more than 25% more buoyant than Aerodome – it is used in a system of key areas on the rear area of the wetsuit to help optimize the swimming position, without affecting stroke and kick power. The Alpha retains the FreeStroke 3 system of Nano SCS-coated 1.5mm #40 Cell panels through the arm, shoulder, chest and back area. These lightweight panels are ergonomically crafted to provide unrestricted range of motion - so much so many people say it doesn't even feel like they're wearing a wetsuit. By combining the swim position achieved by the Exocel Buoyancy System with the unparalleled flexibility of the FreeStroke 3 System, the Alpha is the ideal wetsuit for those looking for a swim advantage without compromise.   Other new features for the Alpha include the comfortable low profile neck seal, designed to sit flat against the neck, limiting water entry and reducing the incidence of chafing. The molded neoprene Aquatread forearm panel has been enhanced to provide increased stroke power in the catch phase, whilst remaining easy to remove during transition. The high stretch nylon 4 Way Free Stretch inner lining is mated to the FreeStroke 3 System panels to allow dynamic movement, while the Exocel panels are lined with a smoothskin neoprene for comfort and water resistance.




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