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Wetsuit Fitting

Expert Triathlon and Open Water Swimming Wetsuit Fitting

Wetsuit Fitting

A correctly fit wetsuit will drastically change your comfort and performance in the water. Most stores and online retailers who sell wetsuits are not experts in how to fit them, in many cases they're not even swimmers! At Evolution Cycles not only do we sell wetsuits but we also ensure that only our staff who are experts at fitting suits will be allowed to put you in one. With backgrounds in swimming and triathlon our staff can put you in the best suit for your individual needs and make sure that the size you get is the one that you will be able to perform the best in.


Watch this video for a guide to fitting your wetsuit for optimal swim performance.




To keep things simple we sat down and wrote a few articles to answer some of the more commonly asked questions, this information is free of any charge or commitment because we believe that the more informed you are as a consumer and athlete then the more likely you are to recognise the need to have an expert put you in to the suit.


Wetsuit Benefits in Open Water Swimming & Triathlon

Sleeveless versus Fullsleeve Wetsuits

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