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Performance Testing

Want more data? Want to measure your fitness gains with science?

With Evolution Cycle's unique Power Testing Program you can!

The Evolution Cycles Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Testing Program is the first of its kind in any Australian bike shop and is suitable for all levels of athlete.

Our system has been developed by industry leading coaches who have proven track records with elite level triathletes and cyclists. All tests are conducted by a qualified exercise scientist and triathlon coach.

FTP is your pedaling power output when working at threshold. It is the value, in Watts; you can sustain over a 20-30min period during a hard time-trial effort.

We will measure your FTP and provides an actual figure for your FTP. This figure, along with heart rate data can provide invaluable training information. With this online casino online data you can increase training specificity, and ultimately improve performance.

Three ways to use your data:


1. Retesting
The simplest way to use the FTP data is to retest every 6-8weeks to measure fitness and power gains.
spacer 2. Physiology
We also look at heart rate data during the test and hence, this data can be used in training so you can work at improving your power output.
spacer 3. Power Training
For those of you who have access to a powermeter or wattbike the data numbers taken from the test can be taken and used in training.


Test Cost
Initial Test $99
All follow-up tests $80


All sessions are conducted on site at Evolution Cycles – 8 Attercliffe Avenue, Pascoe Vale, 3044.

Contact us now to grab your spot in the Evolution Cycles peloton!

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