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Bike Conditioning System

Evolution Cycles' coaches have developed a unique conditioning system tailored for Triathletes and Cyclists, held on site and catering for all abilities. On a four week rotating cycle with emphasis on developing one aspect of bike fitness each week. A core session focuses on developing specific functional core strength for triathlon and cycling.

Dynamic Bike Fit

Our expert mechanic and 15-year veteran of the bike industry will use a combination of traditional methods and brand new software package (Silicon Coach – Dialed in Motion Cycling) to fit YOU to your bike. We also employ ex-professional triathlete, and osteopath Craig McKenzie, to take into consideration your biomechanics and fits you to the bike.

Wetsuit Fitting

All of our staff are athletes themselves. Not only do they understand the benefit of a wetsuit but they can help you understand how to fit it correctly. Using our step by step guide you will learn how the suit should fit and feel. It will make a massive difference out in the open water - your swim will be more enjoyable and you will be more efficient.

Bike Servicing

Regular servicing is imperative to ensure safety and enjoyment whilst out on the road. Hence, you need a mechanic you can trust. Our mechanic is second to none. With an eye for detail and over 15 years of experience as an athlete/cyclist and as a mechanic, he knows his way around a bike..

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