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Garmin Vector Power Meter Pedals


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The long awaited Garmin Vector has arrived. Be one of the first to get your hands on one today.

Once you start using a power meter and seeing the benefits of power-based data, you quickly realize that you want power from every ride that you do - on every bike, from every event.

The data becomes so valuable to you, that a ride without power is almost a ride that didn't happen. And so, most cyclists are suddenly wrestling - struggling - with how to get power on every one of their bikes and from every type of riding situation.

That is why we bring you Vector, a high-precision pedal based power meter - designed for cyclists, by cyclists. Vector is the lightest weight direct measurement power meter on the market, and designed for quick installation, portability, and ease-of-use.

Taking only minutes to install, Vector provides accurate and reliable power data and uniquely measures and presents right and left leg power balance to ANT+ compatible head units.

Quick and easy: For many cycling enthusiasts, purchasing a power meter is an intimidating and potentially complicated process, often involving mechanical tradeoffs for their bikes. Vector simplifies the decisions and the process, by allowing cyclists to install the system themselves in just minutes. There's no need for a mechanic and no downtime while your bike is in the workshop

With integrated cadence measurement, there are no external sensors to install, and all calibration is performed before the Vector power meter hits the store shelves. Vector's easy-to-install design makes it easy to swap between bikes, and easy to take to out-of-town events when renting or borrowing a bike.

Vector's light weight and durable injected carbon fiber pedals are LOOK Keo compatible, and its ANT+ wireless pedal pod transmitters fit most major cranksets. Vector has also been designed to be easy to update as software enhancements are made, thanks to its ANT+ wireless technology.

Pedal-Based Power

  • Measures power where it matters
  • Sees the whole force profile of pedal stroke
  • Delivers reliable, accurate power data
  • Calculates total power and cadence
  • Reports right and left leg power separately

Easy Install

  • Install the LOOK Keo compatible pedals in minutes
  • Avoid changing drivetrain, crankset or wheels
  • Transfer between bikes easily
  • Take pedals with you when you travel
  • Update software wirelessly

Complete Suite

  • Use it with compatible Edge® cycling computers and Forerunner® multisport watches
  • Works with other ANT+™ enabled head units
  • Displays power and cadence on head unit
  • Shows detailed power metrics and graph in Garmin Connect™
  • Rely on a single source for product support and updates

ANT+ compatible power meter, measures and reports

  • +Total power (watts)
  • Normalised power
  • Intensity factor
  • Training stress score
  • Left/Right balance (%)
  • Cadence (rpm)
  • +/- 1.5% accuracy
  • Transmits via ANT+ protocol

Vector system weight (approximate per pedal)

  • Pedal 119 grams
  • Pedal pod 21 grams
  • Cleat + hardware 38 grams
  • Total per pedal 178 grams


  • Lightweight injected carbon fiber body
  • CNC machined, hardened stainless steel spindle
  • LSL bushing and sealed cartridge bearings
  • Adjustable tension binding
  • Look Keo compatible

Pedal pods

  • ANT+ transmitters and cadence measurement via accelerometers
  • User-replaceable battery (2032 coin cell)
  • Minimum of 200 hours of active cycling


  • High durability thermoplastic with ant-slip surface pads
  • Rubber button to reduce free float action between shoe and cleat
  • 6 degrees of float (0 degrees available as accessory)
  • Look Keo compatible
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