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Jamie Edwards

Jamie Edwards Triathlon Coach

Name: Jamie Edwards



Occupation:Triathlon Coach

Age: 22

Sport: Triathlon

How long have you been training in triathlon Jamie? About 5-6 years total, 2 as a long course athlete.

What is you specialty event? I'm focusing on Long Course Triathlon, including 70.3 and 2/80/20 distances.

What does your typical training week look like? It changes all the time, but hovers around 20 hours per week (4swims/2gyms sessions/4rides/3-4runs). The block of training I am currently in looks like this:

Monday – Ride 2-3hrs AM, Swim 4km inc strength work PM, Gym session – functional strength and core

Tuesday – Swim AM 4km including work at race pace, Run PM – up to an hour

Wednesday – Brick AM (multiple) – 2hrs+ including running at and above race pace. Swim PM 4km, Massage

Thursday – Ride AM – Magtrainer including work at threshold (Run off the bike)

Friday – Swim AM – quality 3.5-4km, Gym session – functional strength and core

Saturday – Evolution Cycles Shop Ride (2hrs) come join me for a cruisy ride some time.

Sunday – Ride AM – 2-3hrs of motor pacing with run off bike, Run PM - mixed

What are your best times for the different triathlon distances you have raced?

70.3 – 4hr 26mins

OD – 2hr 05mins

21.1km run split – 1hr 26mins

2km Swim - 29mins

What are your goals for the future Jamie? I did my goal setting in May this year (2012). My top three goals are:

  • Race as/be able to race as a pro by 2014 and break 4hrs
  • To travel to Colorado to train with the best in the worldTo race Ironman
  • My top three short term goals are:
  1. Shepparton 70.3 – to win my age group in a time of 4hr 15mins
  2. Run 80mins off the bike – sub 4min km pace
  3. Swim 2km in 26mins

What races do you have planned for the coming season? I want to race a fair bit his season and am looking forward to doing some OD and long course races. I am planning to do:

Hazelwood OD – September 2012

Murray Man LC – November 2012

Shepparton 70.3 – November 2012

BCB OD – December 2012

Canberra 70.3 – December 2012

Geelong Half – February 2012

Warrnambool LC – March 2013

BCB OD – March 2013

For the 2013/2014 season I am going to do:

Mandurah – October 2013

Taiwan 70.3 – November 2013

Auckland 70.3 – January 2013

Tell us a bit more about yourself Jamie : I am a 22 year old degree qualified exercise scientist, full time professional coach, and an aspiring professional triathlete.I turned to triathlon after a decade playing football (soccer) in England. I have made my way through the triathlon ranks from short course to long course racing, from pure beginner to top end age grouper, and from junior to professional coach

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