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Darren Franken


Professional Triathlon Coach

Darren started triathlons as a means of keeping his weight down when his football days were over. His triathlon career started with competing in the Gatorade series where he was finishing mid field. From there he found himself a coach. He can still remember being told by his new coach "we will now start training like an athlete". This was quite daunting as Darren thought he had been training pretty hard. From there he has not looked back, running in several Marathons and competing in about 20 Ironman races.

Darren decision to focus on longer races came after he finished 8th in the 1999 Melbourne Marathon. From 2001-2002 he won his age group in 2 half Ironman races. In 2002 he then won his age group in Ironman Australia.

After that Darren raced as a professional and has multiple top 10 finishes around the world.

Darren is enjoying life now as a father and also one of the directors and coaches for ETPA. He still enjoys racing and helping other athletes achieve their goals.


Occupation: Triathlon Coach

Age: 43


What is you specialty event?



How long have you been training in triathlon Darren?

Ironman & Half Ironman Training Years 15


What does your typical training week look like?

  • Monday Swim
  • Tuesday Run / Ride
  • Wednesday Swim / Ride
  • Thursday Run / Ride
  • Friday Swim
  • Saturday Long Run
  • Sunday Long Ride


What are your best times for the different race distances you have raced?

  • Half Ironman 4:03
  • Ironman 8:55


What are your long term goals for the future Darren?

  • Continue to place in age group
  • Bring run times back down
  • Improve my swim times


What about in the shorter term?

  • Top 3 in Melbourne Ironman
  • Top 3 in Geelong 70.3
  • Qualify for Hawaii


What races do you have on schedule?

  • Shepparton 70.3 18/11/12
  • Geelong 70.3 10/02/13
  • Melbourne Ironman 24/03/13
  • Cairns Ironman 09/06/13
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