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Alex Polizzi

Name: Alex Polizzi

Occupation: Digital Designer

Age: 24

Sport: Adventure Race / Multisport

How long have you been training in Adventure Racing and Multisport Alex?

About 4 years in adventure racing and 5 years pool swimming.

Alex Polizzi

What does your typical training week look like?


AM – Ride 1.5 – 2hrs Interval session (speed work)


AM – Kayak 1 – 1.5hr Interval session (Peak Adventure)PM – Run 1-2 hrs Interval session


AM – Ride 1.5 – 2hr Hills


AM Run 1+hr TempoPM – Run 1 – 2 hrs Strength conditioning


AM – Kayak – 1.5hr Kayak cross-training


AM – 4 + hrs Ride


AM Run 1.5hrs +PM Kayak 1.5hr +






What are some of your best times for the different race distances?

200m Butterfly

1.57.67 min

100m Freestyle

55.34 sec

Marysville to Melbourne

7:56.40 hrs

Lorne Anaconda

4:24.22 hrs


What are your goals for the future Alex?

Short term:

  • Win Marysville to Melbourne
  • Top 20 Xterra Australia
  • Win Freycinet Challenge Aus Champs


Long term:

  • Compete in Coast to Coast (world Champs)
  • Complete 5 day expedition race
  • Win Anaconda series

What races do you have planned for the coming season?

I am planning to do:
Freycinet Lodge Challenge 6-7th October

Melbourne Marathon 14th October

King Valley Challenge 27th October

Lorne Anaconda 9th December

Geelong 70.3 10 Feb 2013

Marysville to Melbounre 29th april 2013

Xterra Austraila TBC

Tell us a bit more about yourself Alex:
I have a strong passion for creative expression and work fulltime as a Digital Designer at Big Red Group. This coupled with an adventurous and expressive lifestyle has helped shape me into a well rounded person and athlete.


When it comes to my sporting background, I came from State/National level swimming in which I competed for 3 years. Since then, I have moved into Multi-sport, where I became enthralled with the challenge that Multisport and multistage racing entails.


In 2008, I completed my first adventure race. In the last four years I've completed lots of races, with a best result to date placing 3rd in the Marysville to Melbourne.


Recently I have made the move to competing overseas, looking to grow and quickly progress my career.


Alex's Race Reports and Articles

Freycinet Lodge Challenge Race Results

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