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The Evolution Cycles Difference

Evolution Cycles is not your everyday bike shop, we have staked our repution on being different, and we challenge any shop in the world to compare to our model because we believe what we do is truly unique.


In the world of cycling there is one major retailer - the internet - and we at Evolution Cycles believe that traditional bricks and mortar bike shops are fighting a losing battle to try to compete on equal terms with these giants of the cycling world. Rather than ignoring what goes on and stick to the tried and true model of selling products at retail and relying on the uninformed consumer to come through our door, we instead have decided that the traditional model is wrong.

We are here to inform the consumer, through our deliberate choice of employing athletes and coaches rather than salesmen, through our connections with key high quality suppliers within the industry, and through our dedication to continual education on the latest developments in the market to ensure that you are given up to date knowledge and access to products.



We're different because we don't just sell the products; we use them.

Day in and day out we are out there training and interacting with other athletes, we see what they use and listen to what they say in order to fully realise the use and potential of each and every product we sell.

  • We understand how it feels 10 hours in to an Ironman when your nutrition isn't going down.
  • We know what it's like to walk up to the start line of your first race so nervous your stomach is churning.
  • We remember the look on a childs face when she gets her first bike, because we've been there.
  • We feel the pain of crashing your bike, and knowing that while bones can heal, carbon will not.

We know these things because we're out there experiencing them, and we want you to experience them too. Rather then selling the features and benefits of the latest High Modulous Monocque Carbon Frame, we want to sell you the experience - and the opportunity - to take that bike up a mountain, get out of the saddle and feel the power in your legs driving it forward and the wind in your face as you descend back home.

We strive to match the best in the world with our prices because we believe that Australia should be entitled to the same price you can get anywhere in the world, but more than anything else we strive to show each and every person that walks through our door that they are the Evolution of the industry, not merely a cog in the corporate machine.


Welcome to Evolution Cycles, and welcome to the Evolution Cycles Difference.

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